Environment Friendly Fiber Products Should Be Used

Products that are made of lead are used widely all around the world. One of the chief reasons for this being that the lead id found in abundance and it is also a material which is cheap. Lead is found on the crust of the earth and is a very toxic metal. There are also other materials which are equally as toxic as lead; like Mercury, Hexavalent Chromium and Cadmium. There is a common thing in all these materials that they are all used in fiber optic products like fiber optic fbt splitter cables, patch cords, connectors and panels. The fiber optic products are one of the chief causes of the electronic waste.

The European union adapted the ROHS i.e. Restriction of Hazardous substances Directive in order to reduce the amount of electronic waste in the world of today. The electronic wastes pose a grave threat to the environment of the planet. According to this directive the European Union will also provide help to the under developed and the developing countries so that they can reduce their amount of electronic waste.

In a measure to protect the environment the countries are advised to make use of the products which are ROHS compliant. These products which are ROHS compliant are environment friendly. These products also have a better flow property. Solder which are free of lead have a tendency of staying in the place in liquid state and it only gets attached to other surfaces of metal that is exposed. The process of the lead attaching only occurs if the solder which is in the liquid form touches the metal surface; whereas the solder which contains lead attaches to metal merely by touching any part of the solder. This is mainly because the solder which contains lead has a relatively high surface tension.

Hence it is very important that those which are ROHS compliant be used for the different electrical purposes. The use products do not mean that there will be a decline in the performance of the products. But at times it has been seen that they are ROHS compliant have shown gained performance. Nowadays there are several companies which produce fiberoptic products that are cost effective. Among one such company is Fiber One Connectivity. It produces various fiber optic products of high quality like adapters, PLC spitters, Cords, patch panels etc.

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