Live Blogging

The blog world has entered a new era with “live Blogging”. People blog events as they happen and are able to interact with readers during the event. Everything from the President’s latest speech, to the ‘American Idol’ finale have been live blogged recently. Commentary streams live to your blog and readers viewing the commentary can ask questions and participate in polls, giving them a reason to stay on your blog for the duration of the event, instead of checking in every now and then.

With 24 hour news channels and the vast amount of information on the Internet, people have become accustomed to information-  fast, and plentiful A single blog post about an event after-the-fact is like showing up to a party a day late. Chances of an out dated ‘news flash’ generating any interest is slim, at best.

This new information sharing technology needs the proper software to make it work, which you can find from many sources on the Internet. The live event you are covering is displayed in a “viewer window” on your site or blog. Readers don’t need any special accounts or software, they simply go to your blog and open the viewer window.

This new live version gives the blog world a renewed interest, more viewers, and a whole new respect for amateur reporters. Anybody can be a live blog reporter, you just need the software (free in many cases) and a desire to go to live events. At some venues you might not be able to receive a WiFi connection, so research the event before hand

The Internet is the new game changer in every possible way for business and individuals, it’s also a problem, because like the town you live in it brings out those looking to take advantage. Imagine a world with no law enforcement and I show you a day where everyone will try to take advantage, not to benefit others but to benefit themselves. It really isn’t much different than today, many don’t value human life the way we used too and we don’t help each other in the way that we should. We are self serving most of the time, we do things because there is something in it for us. Call me a cynic, but, human nature has proven time & time again we are predictable. We prove day in and day out there is good and evil, dumb & smart and there always has to be a winner and a loser.

The flattening of companies and now the world puts an old power in our hands, you & me! Most of us aren’t equipped to handle this new old power, we will continue to take advantage of others with even more ease. Can we be trusted with this power? Probably not, all you have to do is look at the history of mankind, how we consume everything in our path including people. We are doing the same thing with the Internet, with Social Media and Blogs, consuming and taking advantage.

The picture isn’t all black but it’s dark, I struggle as I’m sure you do with how the rules are being broken, how they are being changed. This new old power we have at our disposal is a double edged sword, it will work for us and against us.

One of the most disappointing and tiresome problems on the Internet today with Blogs and Social Media, is with the very thing we cherish the most, the content. There is a re-occurring problem that takes the joy out being a Blogger is, Social Media & Blogs are broken.

Social Media is forcing transparency, honesty and do the right thing mentality, this is good right? This by itself is extremely powerful and we will all feel the benefit, but there is a dark side too, some will manipulate and try to take advantage of this very power. Let’s take Blogs for a spin here, there are some incredibly talented people out there writing amazing content and truly have something of value to share with all of us. They write for hours a day, sculpting and carving a message that is meant just for you. You have been hunting for this content, but sometimes, you find it in the most unusual places. Then there are Blogs that don’t write one letter of original content, they claim to be a the best resource on the Internet and all they do is pilfer news sources that auto post to a these Blogs. In essence, gaming the business of Blogging

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