The Isle of Man Ship Registry

Isle of Man Ship Registry

The Isle of Man Ship Registry, which is part of the Island’s Department of Trade and Industry and British Red Ensign Group, was established in 1984. Since then it has developed into an independent quality international register dedicated to the maintenance of high standards and service in the operation of marine vessels registered under the flag.

Other jurisdictions which fly the Red Ensign include Bermuda, Cayman Islands, Falkland Islands, Gibraltar, Guernsey and the British Virgin Islands.

The Isle of Man (IOM) has locally based expertise in:

o Ship Management
o Ship Finance
o Marine Insurance
o Maritime Law
o Trust & Company formation with maritime experience

The IOM Ship Registry is staffed by a professional team of experienced surveyors. Staff there will complete registry transactions at any time of the day or night in order to match with local time at the place of completion.

The Register is made up of the ‘Main Register’, the ‘Demise (Bareboat) Charter Register’, the ‘Fishing Vessel Register’ and the ‘Small Ships Register’.

Isle of Man (Manx) registered ships are British ships, but under the separate jurisdiction of the Isle of Man Ship Registry. As British ships, the Merchant Shipping Act requires that the owner must be a ‘Qualified Owner’.

General procedures for placing a ship on the Isle of Man (Manx) register
Other than the procedures for registry it is an absolute requirement that every ship proposed for registry is visited by an Isle of Man surveyor prior to registry. The attending surveyor is required to report on the ship’s suitability for registry in the IOM to the registrar.

The initial request should be followed up by a copy of the ship’s general arrangement plan, copies of her existing statutory certificates and proposed manning scales for the ship with clarification of how the proposed scales meet the hours of rest requirements. The initial inspection usually takes between one and two days.

Following inspection, the surveyor will prepare all the necessary certificates for the ship and courier them to the port where the actual change of registry is to take place.

However, inspection and registry can be completed at the  same time. In this case the surveyor will confirm to the registrar that the ship is suitable and he will then date and hand over the certificate of registry as soon as he receives confirmation that the registry transfer process is complete.

Following registry the IOM Ship Registry will send a surveyor to visit the ship at 2 yearly intervals.

Port State Control

The Isle of Man flag is highly regarded by the world’s Port State Control. Should a ship be detained by Port State Control, the owner or manager must notify the Ship Registry and if it considers the detention is genuine, will send a surveyor to investigate the matter. The costs of this visit will be borne by the owner or manager.

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